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How to use and save mink lashes


How to use and save mink lashes

Mink eyelashes are false lashes made from mink hair. Usually mink hair is taken from the mink's naturally shed tail hair and a small amount of back hair.

Mink hair is usually taken from artificially raised mink. This kind of mink is mostly artificially bred American mink species. The length, size and color of the hair are relatively average. Then the eyelash workers carefully select those mink with a length of 32-35mm that shed naturally. Hair, and ensure that each hair has a hair peak, so that a complete mink eyelashes can be produced.


Compare the length of your eyeliner and cut off the excess eyeliner.

Wear the special glue on the eyelashes, apply it evenly and thinly on the surface of the eyelashes and eyeliner, and wait for the glue to dry for a while.

Clamp the root of the eyelashes with eyelash tweezers, make the eyeliner fit your upper eyelid, and adjust the position properly at the same time to suit your dressing needs.

You can use the eyelash curler to gently clamp your own real and false eyelashes to make them fit tightly.

If you still need it, you can apply some mascara appropriately, or apply some eyeliner appropriately.

preservation method

After each wearing, remove the eyelashes, wash off the residual glue with warm water, and let it dry naturally.

Then put the eyelashes back into the original eyelash holder and store in a cool and dry place.

Since mink lashes are made of natural hair, try to minimize contact with water during use, otherwise the hair will easily become frizzy.

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