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Deqi eyelashes company staff also want to relax after busy,

All company personnel attended a dinner today
We are pleased to announce that the company will be hosting a potluck event at the end of this month. This will be a rare opportunity for all of us to come together in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere and have a great time together.

The potluck event will be held at a well-known downtown restaurant at the end of this month. We have reserved a large table for all the staff to dine together. In addition, we will provide you with delicious dishes and free-flowing beverages for everyone to enjoy.

We firmly believe that this dinner party will bring more opportunities for all of us to understand and communicate with each other, and will also add more cohesion and team spirit to the company. We sincerely invite everyone to come to this event and let us spend an unforgettable evening together.

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