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Company Issues Work Bonus

Recently, we at Deqi Eyelashes received some good news: all employees completed all delivery tasks on time while ensuring product quality. To recognize the employees' hard work and outstanding performance, the company has decided to issue bonuses.

During this task, our employees demonstrated excellent teamwork and efficient work capabilities. They strived for excellence in every aspect, including production, quality inspection, packaging, and logistics, to ensure that the product quality met the company's standards. In terms of delivery, the employees optimized the logistics process, arranged timely shipment and distribution, and avoided the risk of delayed delivery.

Deqi Eyelashes expresses its sincere gratitude and appreciation for these outstanding performances. To let employees feel the company's care and recognition, the company decided to issue corresponding bonuses as a recognition of their hard work and excellent performance. This is also a specific manifestation of the company's focus on employee incentives and reward systems.

Through the successful completion of this task, we have seen the strong strength of Deqi Eyelashes and the unity and cooperation of our employees. We believe that in the continuous development and growth of the company, our employees will continue to play a greater role and contribute to the company's creating a more brilliant future.

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