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  • False eyelashes is a kind of common makeup tools, many eyelashes are not long enough or thick girls will stick false eyelashes, in fact, false eyelashes are also divided into many kinds, then what kinds of false eyelashes? What is the material of false eyelashes?


  • Mink eyelashes are false eyelashes made from mink hair, usually from the mink's naturally shed tail hair and a small amount of back hair.


  • The eyelash beautician will prepare all the tools and products needed and disinfect all the tools that will be used in the eyelash grafting to ensure the health and safety of the tools used in the use process


  • False eyelashes are generally divided into three materials. If your natural eyelashes are rare and ugly, you can go to a regular hospital to improve them by doing eyelash grafting. The materials of eyelash grafting are generally divided into sable, protein fiber and artificial eyelashes, which can usually achieve good results and can be selected according to your own needs.