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There are several materials for false eyelashes


False eyelashes are generally divided into three materials. If your natural eyelashes are rare and ugly, you can go to a regular hospital to improve them by doing eyelash grafting. The materials of eyelash grafting are generally divided into sable, protein fiber and artificial eyelashes, which can usually achieve good results and can be selected according to your own needs.

The material of sable hair is very natural and soft. After it is grafted to eyelashes, it looks very natural and can reduce the allergy of eyelids. It is a commonly used material. However, the price of sable hair is relatively high. The protein eyelashes are light to be grafted, which will not cause too much burden on your eyelids. It has a very good curl, and is very popular with female friends.

Synthetic eyelashes are relatively hard. In the process of eyelash grafting, it is generally necessary to use professional glue to paste the false eyelashes to the root of your own eyelashes, so that the eyelashes become curly and long, make your eyes look more energetic, and improve your personal facial appearance.

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