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How to grow false eyelashes

1、 Prepare tools

The eyelash beautician will prepare all the tools and products needed and disinfect all the tools that will be used in the eyelash grafting to ensure the health and safety of the tools used in the use process

2、 Clean eyelashes

Clean and blow dry the dirt on the eyelashes. Ensure the cleanness of eyelashes, so as not to affect the adhesion of glue for subsequent eyelashes grafting.

3、 Separate upper and lower eyelashes

Cut an appropriate size isolating film (medical tape, eye mask, eye sticker) to separate the upper and lower eyelashes. To avoid confusion between upper and lower eyelashes when grafting eyelashes, and lead to careless operation with glue sticking to the lower eyelid.

4、 Straighten eyelashes

Use an eyelash comb or tweezers to straighten the eyelashes one by one, so as to better stick the false eyelashes one by one on your own eyelashes.

5、 Eyelashes ready for grafting

According to the length of the eyelashes of the guests, the eyelashes of different materials will be selected and placed on the water table (or on a soft pad or clean non-woven fabric).

6、 Start to graft eyelashes

1. Shake the glue of the grafted eyelashes to shake up the minerals,
2. Extrude a proper amount of black glue on the glue table, and take less glue each time.
3. Clamp the end of the eyelash fiber with tweezers, probe about 2/3 of the root into the glue, and then gently drag it out.
4. The glued eyelashes should be glued to the side of the real eyelashes, 0.5-1 mm from the skin, and should not exceed 1.5 mm.
5. Each false eyelash should be grafted onto a real eyelash
6. At least 2/3 of the length of your own eyelashes should be adhered to the false eyelashes, and the arc of the grafted eyelashes should be consistent.
7. Keep a distance between the grafted eyelashes and the next eyelashes to be grafted to avoid mutual adhesion.

7、 Check grafting results

After grafting, use an eyelash brush to clean it and check whether it is firmly adhered. If it falls off or the grafting is not satisfactory, it needs to be supplemented and trimmed.

8、 Blow dry eyelashes

Use a small fan or blow your eyelashes for 5-10 minutes in autumn, and it will not be dazzling after you open your eyes.

9、 Wipe the eyelids clean

Remove the fresh-keeping film of the lower eyelid, and wipe the lower eyelid with a paper towel or dry cotton piece.

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