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What are the types of false eyelashes What are the materials of false eyelashes?


What are the types of false eyelashes?What are the materials of false eyelashes?

False eyelashes is a kind of common makeup tools, many eyelashes are not long enough or thick girls will stick false eyelashes, in fact, false eyelashes are also divided into many kinds, then what kinds of false eyelashes? What is the material of false eyelashes?

What are the types of false eyelashes?
There are 3 kinds of false eyelashes according to workmanship:
1. Handmade eyelashes: pure handmade, one by one eyelash thread up, fine workmanship, convenient and practical. But the process is complicated and the output is limited by manual labor.
2. Semi-manual eyelashes: The first few processes are made by machine, and the last two processes are also made by hand. The finished eyelashes are relatively smooth and beautiful.
3. Mechanical eyelashes: Mainly made by machine, but there are also a small number of manual use. The product looks beautiful, the cost is low, the output is also large. From the density of eyelashes can be divided into three types: 1: natural eyelashes, also known as elegant eyelashes, a little longer than the real lashes, a little thicker, a little curved, if you like natural beauty of beautiful lashes, don't like to be found processed, this style is a good choice oh! Suitable for the workplace and the need for a low profile. This style has little pressure on the eyelashes and good eye comfort. If you are attaching eyelashes for the first time, it is recommended to choose this style. 2: Bushy shape, also known as Barbie doll shape based on natural shape, encrypted. One real eyelash plus two or three false eyelashes. The change in the eyes is great, the makeup is strong, and people are attracted to the twinkling eyelashes the moment they look at you. It's also very age-reducing and a great way to increase your confidence in social situations. 3: Exaggerated form, also known as Cleopatra based on dense form, encrypted, lengthened. Twice as long as real eyelashes and three to four times as dense. The finish is beautiful, but the real lashes are short and sparse and can't stand the length and density of this style. It will also be held for a shorter period of time.

What is the material of false eyelashes?
Real hair False eyelashes: Made from natural hair, such as mink hair, horse hair, and even human hair and eyebrows. The texture of the eyelashes is similar to human hair, and is very soft, with a little greasy sheen and natural curling, making it look like our own lashes. So wear and real eyelashes mixed together, almost fake, natural degree is very good. Artificial fiber false eyelashes: synthetic, woven, combined with the sharpening process, fiber hair tail is sharpened, clear thickness. These lashes have a firmer texture, are arranged in an orderly fashion, and have a consistent curvature. When exposed to light, the lashes have a higher gloss than real eyelashes and a slightly lower natural quality than real eyelashes.

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