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What kind of material are the mink eyelashes


Mink eyelashes are false eyelashes made from mink hair, usually from the mink's naturally shed tail hair and a small amount of back hair. The composition and structure of mink hair is very close to the structure of human hair, so the false eyelashes produced are more realistic. Compared with other materials, mink hair is softer, and the wool material is also very natural. It is also very easy to process in the later stage, and can achieve the 3D effect of eyelashes.

Mink eyelashes need to be taken care of carefully after use, because they are made of natural hair, so try to keep water as little as possible during use, otherwise the eyelashes will become very frizzy.

After wearing and removing the eyelashes every time, clean the residual glue on the false eyelashes with warm water, and put them back into the original eyelash holder after natural air drying, and then store them in a cool and dry place.

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