China handcrafted 3d human hair lashes Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory

Do you want high quality and fashion handcrafted 3d human hair lashes? DeQi is definitely your good choice. We are known as one of the most competitive handcrafted 3d human hair lashes manufacturers and suppliers in China, can provide customized service. We have own factory, you don't have to worry about the delivery time after you buy discounted goods.
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  • DeQi Handicraft Processing Co., Ltd. is China manufacturer & supplier who mainly produces synthetic hair eyelashes with many years of experience. Hope to build business relationship with you. Best imported synthetic fiber, as soft as real eyelashes, extremely comfortable to use. Be meticulous handmade to ensure the best quality.

As a professional China handcrafted 3d human hair lashes manufacturers and suppliers, DeQi has its own factory. The company has 25 years of experience in eyelash production, has its own design team, the company has its own patented products, and takes product quality as the standard for many years. It is in a leading position in the domestic industry in terms of output, efficiency and export and other indicators. You can rest assured to buy handcrafted 3d human hair lashes from us.